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Dauer: 2h 30m

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organisiert von Adela Dadu

Sibiu Walking Tour

Kultur Gastronomie


The price doesn't include any admission fee at the attractions we visit.
The price is flexible, calculated according to the number of participants!

Visit Beschreibung

Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania, Romania. It was European Capital of Culture in 2007 and it will be European Region of Gastronomy in 2019. Sibiu is the only town in Romania awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.
I invite you to join me and discover its amazing history and heritage, beautiful old sights and diversified architecture. Sibiu is also known for its great cultural and sports events, ethnic diversity (a known multicultural county) and delicious cuisine. During our tour we'll visit the old town with the most important tourist attractions among which: the Big Square, the Little Square, beautiful old churches, the former defensive walls and towers, the philharmonic, the Liars' Bridge, the Journeymen House, the Brukenthal Palace.
I invite you to an interesting, knowledgeable and fun experience in Sibiu!

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