Our team

Who we are

We are a small team of enthusiastic young people that wants to provide a cool experience between travelers and local guides. Our startup is young but our experience is strong, before this project we worked on travel field for years. We hope you enjoy this experience too.

Gabriel Sandru


When I was 6, I was sure that the moon is the house of God . . . and I planned my first visit experience: I will build by my own a super ladder that will connect me to the moon. I have to admit that this never happened - my “moon experience” has probably been the first big failure of my life, and I’ve learned from it. Thus, I did not give up my dreams and continued organising and gathering experiences.

Later, my life taught me that visiting is better together; meeting locals made of my visits unforgettable experiences. As soon as I presented my dream to my dear friends Denise and Alex, we realised that together we can (want to) create this community of travellers experiencing the most exciting visits in an unique, simple manner:


“When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.” Hélder Câmara

. . . and who knows . . .

maybe one day we will just-visit the moon together

without any super ladder, as the community makes the best connections


Alexandru Ujupan


Always I was happy to present our city and surroundings to our family and school guests.

Later I become an professional tour guide and it was always a pleasure to meet new visitors and to discuss with them about my places but also about the destinations that they visit. This made me more curious about visiting and having local experience in other destinations.

Today I am travelling for business but also for pleasure; I always combine the 2-3 work-days with 2-3 visiting-days in a new destination. I am always searching to have an local experience and to see the places through the eyes of the locals.

When meeting Denise and Gabriel we realized that creating a community for visitors and guides will help everybody to have and share their local unique experience in the destinations.

Denise Scheer


Ever since I can think I liked to move and see other countries, other cultures and get to know people with different backgrounds. Because of this I decided as soon as I finished my A-Levels to pack my bags and move to Ireland, where I started to work in tourism. The adventure and new places I could get to know made me want to visit more. I went to France and continued working in tourism (Booking.com). This is where I met Gabriel who introduced me to Alex on one of our travels together to Romania. It did not take us long to realize that we all have the same passion: Travelling and connecting people through travel. That's when we started turning our shared dream into reality: a community to share travelling and the experiences with others.


“When we establish human connections within the context of shared experience we create community wherever we go.” Gina Greenlee

Silviu Stan

Development partner

I was excited when I was contacted by Alex, Gabi and Denise to work on JustVisit, I considered this project as a big challenge and it was like that. The challenge will never stop, a platform like JustVisit will never be done, anytime you can find something to improve, or something new to do, to offer your visitors the best experience.