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What commission will I pay as a guide?

JustVisit's standard commission is 19%. This means, that if you set the price of a visit to 10 EUR, you will earn 81% from 10 EUR.

Why should I checkin my guests?

Is not mandatory but you should checkin your guests to give them opportunity to review your visit and your profile. Only persons that were present in person to your guided visit can write reviews about that visit or about you. So, we encourage you to do it when you meet them by asking them to show the QR code received by e-mail. You will scan that code with your smartphone and the checkin will be done instantly. Is not a problem if you can't do it at that time, you can do it later, sitting in front of your computer, accessing the list of guests for that tour.

What means a visit is open or private

If a visit is open, means that the visit is open for multiple groups of persons, so, multiple bookings can be made for same visit at the same time. Of course now you understand what means a visit is private. In this case, if you make a booking, you and your declared persons will go visiting with your private guide.

An open visit may be cancelable if the minimum persons is not reached, but this will be the decision of the guide. The guide have to cancel all bookings if the minimum persons is not reached, all guests will be notified and the money will be refunded in this situation.